Ever notice someone working hard in the background?  Guiding a newcomer?  Taking the initiative to get something going?   Why not recommend them for an award?  Anyone can do this, and it means a lot to be recognized for your efforts.

You will need the following information to submit an award recommendation:

  1.  Mundane name and SCA name of intended recipient
  2. Persona
  3. Home Group
  4. Years in the SCA
  5. Events they will soon be attending
  6. The name of the award
  7. Reason you think they should get the award.

How do you get this information, if you don’t know?

Check out their Facebook page, ask friends etc. to get the basics such as SCA/Mundane names, home group (if it is not yours) etc.

Name of the award?

First its a good thing to find out what awards they already have. Go here and look their records up.  People are listed alphabetically by their first SCA name.  Find out what awards they now have and look for an award that is one step up from that  (in that subject area) or choose a new area they don’t have an award in, if that is appropriate. Go to the list of all awards given in Æthelmearc and see which will suit your recommendation.   Look them over and see which one might be appropriate.

Once you have all the information together, go here to made the actual recommendation.