Oct 7 – 8, 2017

Local camping is available for those who may want to do that – Cox Camping is one of several options.  All arrangements are p to you.

This demo will occur during the Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival. Last year over 40,000 people attended this festival! This is a fabulous opportunity for the SCA to be seen and experienced by many NEW people.  It is a two-day festival – come to one or both days.

The Face Book page for the Demo is here

There is another Face Book page for confirmed participants, you can be added by requesting to join.  This will be the best way to communicate with those that are sure they are coming.  It contains a spreadsheet of who is doing what.
Saturday, Oct 7 – Starts at 9:00 AM, closes at 5 PM (although there are still a lot of evening things going on after that time)9:00 AM – the festival kicks off with a short parade. Bring your banners and wear your best garb!10:30 AM – the actual festival starts, and it closes up at 5 PMSunday, Oct 8. the festival starts at noon and closes at 5 PMFor our demo we need fighters (no thrown weapons or archery, unfortunately) for both days, as well as anyone who can bring and/or demonstrate the Arts we all do in the SCA. Bring banners and chairs. Tables will be provided.There will be someone on the site all night to ensure any equipment left there is safe.

These are the things we would like to have donated for the demo:

  • Water and coolers – to keep our fighters (and everyone else) hydrated.  I can get ice, but we could use a few large coolers.  Dorothy Thompson is in charge of hydration, so contact her if you can donate water bottles,  coolers, or have questions.
  • Snackes, so we don’t die of starvation (FYI – there will be plenty of food available at the festival – for a price).  Finger foods that do not require utensils or a lot of paper waste…  Especially want some things for the fighters who are sure to work up an appetite.  Jessica Walker is taking care of this, you can message her via her Face Book page if you are bringing something
  • Pop up shades – two or three – There is a cement patio area that is part of our space, pavilion style shades can’t be used there since there is no way to anchor them down.  If you can leave them there overnight for use on both days, please know that there will be someone sleeping there to ensure their safety over night.
  • Literature to hand out: Any SCA literature you may wish to hand out about the SCA or your specific group,  (people come to this festival from 100’s of miles and all tri-state area groups will find this demo helpful) – make sure it includes the new – disclaimer that is required by SCA Corp  That info can be found here.

People we are still need:

  • Rapier Marshals – two for each day (to rotate as needed)  so far we do not have anyone, please contact me if you can do this 
  • Heavy Marshal – I need one more for each day (have one so far for both days, again contact me if you can do this.
  • Fighters to put on demos throughout the day, both Saturday and Sunday.  Not many have signed up for this, so we could use  some more, both Heavy Fighters and Rapier.  I would like to have enough fighters so no one has to spend all day at the demo, but can rotate in and out so you-all can see the festival as well as demo.
  • A&S demonstrations – bring your projects for display, as well as demonstrate your skills – both Saturday and Sunday.  We have a decent group so far, but a few more would not hurt.
  • Childrens activities – I need someone to work with the kids at the demo – have some interactive things for them to do.  I have no one at all for this so far. contact me if you can do this herald and chiurgon
  • Herald – No one yet
  • Chirurgeon – no one yet

Bring your own chairs, we will have tables available

Please contact Lady Umm Samin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya if you have any questions:  autocrat

Oh, did I mention – there is a best beard contest on Saturday – you don’t want to miss that!

To see what the festival is all about, check this site out: http://berkeleysprings.com/festivals/apple-butter-festival/

The site is the “Ice House” courtyard, just behind the library. There is a parking area you can use to drop off and pick up equipment. Ample parking is at the northern end of town (clearly marked) and a shuttle will bring you back to the Ice House.   More parking info here.


138 Independence Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Berkeley Springs is just 7 miles south of the junction of highways 70 and 522 in Hancock, MD, on 522.

Map and directions to Berkeley Springs is here 

Once you are in town, the location is the courtyard in the back of the “Ice House” marked with a red star.