Welcome to the Chatelain’s Page

What is a Chatelaine?

Our Chatelain is Lord Jacques of Sylvan Glen, email. Feel free to contact him with your questions.

This is where people new to the SCA (or just new to this Shire) can find information about us.

Besides this page, we have a Facebook page that will help keep you abreast of news and events.  It’s a good place to meet other members of the Shire. It is a closed group, to keep out trollers, but just click the join button and you will be added in a short time.

You are also invited to join our yahoo mailing list, which is our official method of communication for the shire

There is also a Kingdom of Aethelmearc newsletter called THE ÆSTEL, follow the directions once you get there.

If you are not sure if this is the place for you, you can find out what group you belong to here, or check the map below.

SCA New Comers 

Aethelmearc New Comers

Correct Title Usage for Addressing and Introducing –  by Countess Dulcia MacPherson, OL, OR

Another good resource for newbies 

This is a Facebook page designed for newbies to the SCA – check it out.

To find your kingdom, check the interactive map

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