The arts and sciences of the middle ages were many and varied.  We, too, have a variety of interests at Sylvan Glen, among them are:

Shire Day in the Park – Held at War Memorial Park, Martinsburg, WV on the third Sunday of each month during the warm months.  A shire member will present a class on one of the many topics within the scope of the arts and sciences of the medieval time period. Please see our Facebook page for updates about classes currently being offered.  Martial practice occurs at this time too. *Currently on hold until June 2021 due to COVID*

Other A&S meetings – will be announced on the calendar and the Facebook page as they occur.  Be sure to check regularly.

INKS Guild – This Inter-Kingdom Scribal guild is a group made up of scribes from many kingdoms who paint scroll blanks for various kingdoms to use as they see fit. It’s a chance to practice in a low stress environment. Currently they meet every other Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm at THL Angellino and THL Ylaire’s home. Their Facebook page will have more information.

Cooks Guild – We test out medieval recipes just for fun, as well as to see if they might work for feasts. This group is on hiatus right now.