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The Apple of the Kingdom of Aethelmearc – Our Vast Lands Include the Eastern Panhandle of WV



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Attention Shire members – a few Officers positions are open.  Please consider filling one of these!  Contact the Seneschal, Sir Kjartan Kolgrimsson, for more information.

Chronicler, Archery Marshal , Thrown Weapons Marshal , Youth Fighting 

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OKSee the Shire calendar below, or the Kingdom calendar link for more local and Kingdom wide events

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On  hiatus – Cooks Guild

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Welcome to the Shire


You have come to the home of the Shire of Sylvan Glen. A group within the SCA Inc., The Society of Creative Anachronisms is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of the medieval period of history.  This link will take  you to an outside source: Some more information about the SCA.

Here you will find information about us, our history, our officers, our calendar and some of the wonderful activities we engage in.

These, include combat, rapier, archery, equestrian activities, feasting, dance and recreating medieval arts and sciences which includes crafts, theater, traditional medicines,needlework and more.  Other activities include the study and practice of heraldry and scribal arts (calligraphy and illumination).

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Our Current Royalty 

Her Sylvan Majesty

Her Sylvan Majesty Queen Anna Leigh

Their Sylvan Highnesses

Juliana II and Gareth II

The calendar on this site is the OFFICIAL, up to date, calendar for the Glen, however there are other ways to communicate with members.  Facebook  & Yahoo, both require membership, just ask to join.  These links will direct you to external sites.

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The SCA prohibits the harassment and/or bullying of all individuals and groups

We are part of the Kingdom of Aethelmearc which holds land in PA, NY and WV.  Aethelmearc is one of the 19 kingdoms in the SCA which is an international non-profit educational group.

Aethelmearc disclaimer


Seneschal: Sir Kjartan Kolgrimsson, email

Deputy Seneschal: Dame Ursula of Rouen,  email

Exchequer: Christophe Barttelot, email

Chatelaine: Lady Reina Dulcedame, email

Arts and Sciences Minster: THL Marija Kotok, email

Deputy A & S Minister: Lady Cristina Aurelia, email

Knight Marshall:

Deputy Knight Marshall: THL Leonardus Hebenstreit, email

Rapier Marshall: 

Target Archery Marshall: Vacant

Thrown Weapons Marshall: Vacant

Combat Archery Marshall: Vacant

Equestrian Marshall: Vacant

Youth Fighting Marshall: Lord Dugan Rushton, email

Youth Rapier Marshall: Vacant

Herald: Lady Cristina Aurelia, email

Minister of the Lists:

Historian: THL Katharine of Caithness, email

Chronicler: Vacant

Chamberlain: Lord Dugan Rushton, email

Web Minister: Christophe Barttelot, email

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