*****Known World A&S Symposium*****

March 9-11, Philadelphia, PA

Lady Umm Samin attended the symposium the weekend of March 9-11, 2018.  She taught medieval paint brush making and medieval casein glue.  Then had a great time attending other classes throughout the weekend.   The classes and speakers were wonderful!  Besides the classes there was music and dancing with an amazing A&S display.

*****Kingdom 12th Night*****

Saturday, 6 Jan, 2018,  Berkeley Springs WV

Kingdom 12th Night was hosted by our Shire this year.  Despite the extreme cold there was a great turn out!  Enjoy a few photos from the event.

*****Apple Butter Demo*****

Saturday, Oct 6, 2017  Berkeley Springs, WV

The demo was a great success, with visitors all day long.  Thanks to Highland Foorde assisting us with both making the parade float, and bringing projects to display, we had a nice collection of items.  The parade was wonderful, and got lots of cheers.  The fighters put on demonstrations off and on all day long to a steady stream of visitors.

***Shire Day in the Park***

Sunday June 18, 2017

It was a hot day in the park, but no one seemed to mind.  Fighting practice was great, even Lady Samin tried her hand at rapier.  We had new visitors come and watch, and even try a few things.  The kids had fun making faux stained glass windows.

***Shire Day in the Park***

Sunday, May 21

Although it was an overcast day, there was a good turn out for this, the first of the summer park events.  About 15 people showed up for some p[practice fighting, a bit of BBQ and some

A&S activities kindly led by Lady Arianna.

***AEthelmearc’s Spring Crown Tournament***

May 12-14, 2017

Photo by Lord Ursus (Tim Tyson)

People came from far and wide to cheer on their favorite contenders for the crown.  Troll , run by Lady Etain Eame, smoothly with about 200 members coming through.  Umm Samine even got a chance to work on her “100 Days of A&S” challenge, while there.

A few pics from around the site:

Of course there was food – lots of delightful food,, prepared by Lady Arianna  Dal Vallone and her many assistants, as well as brought in by others.


The fighting was fierce, with many close battles, but in the end it came down to the winner,  Prince, Gareth Kincaid and his Princess, Juliana Delemere.  Vivat!

The following photos in this section are by Lord Ursus.

And, of course, the clean up crew was great!

*** Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon ***

April 8, 2017

There was so much going on at one time it was hard to keep up with it all!  The fighting was amazing, the food was plentiful and very good, merchants of every ilk were present.  The Arts and Sciences  exhibits were truly stupendous.  Court was great with three elevations and much good cheer.

Sylvan Glen was well represented and could hold its head high.

Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta was made a Court Barron.

Lord Durante Caravaggio De Florenza won the rapier competition with 199 points – almost double the second place winner!

Lady Umm Samin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya won in  two categories in the A & S competition, the Five-in-One for her yurt, and the Studio Arts for her painting of the Medieval Village.

A few pics form Ice Dragon

*** Sylvan Glen’s 12th Night***

Great event today. Relaxed…low key… Congrats to Lord Tiberius in his first autocrat experience. Additionally, congratulations to all our shire members who were recognized today:

-Nino- silver buccle for his service and helpfulness.
-LORD Tiberius- Award of Arms for going above and beyond, especially for someone who is also a youth.
-Lord Daniel Rufus- A cornelian for his courtesy, kindness, and chivalry
-Lady Samin- Both a Keystone for her service as webmistress, and a Sycamore for her skill and talent in the varied arts.
-THLady Etain- A Millrind for her longstanding service to shire and kingdom.
-Lord Arthur of Linden, a Golden Escarbuncle and Her Majesty’s inspiration today.

Vivat to all!

Feasting, fun, mystery, and a visit from our Queen!  What an event!  Hosted by the New Lord Tiberius (who received his AoA during the event) It was a congenial and relaxing day of fun and friendship. Let the photos tell the story.

there was a foil helmet contest – amazing helmets were created!  There was bardic !

***Shire Day in the Park, Sun. Sep 18th ***

Lots of fun today, the kids got to fight as well as some rapier practice for the adults.  We barbecued and enjoyed some camaraderie, with old friends and new.

**The Siege of Glengary, 2016**

court process out

King Thomas Byron of Haverford Queen Ariella of Thornbury

It was a grand siege this year with fighting and feasting and classes that appealed to all!  Our Autocat, Lady Laurentia of Caledonia and our Feastocrat, Lady Arianna del Vallone did an amazing job, as did all the Marshals,teachers and others.  Vivat!

Here are a few pics from the weekend

There was a lot of fighting going on, both heavy fighting and rapier, in groups and one on one.  Photos by Kathy Harbaugh and Umm Samin

The basket class was amazing!  Photos by Danielle Duvalle and Umm Samin

A and S Competitions

Kids had a lot of fun, from eating to fighting to “Killing the Pig”

A little relaxing after the fighting

The afternoon was spent at court – much fanfair and award giving

The food was amazing from breakfast to dayboard to feast?

After it was all over, there was the every dilligent cleanm up crew both in the feast hall and the kitchen.

feast cllean up feast clean up2 kitchen clean up

It was an awesome event

Friday sunset

“Having seen that the children were properly cared for, Their Majesties then summoned into Their Court the autocrat, Lady Laurentia of Caledonia, where upon They bid her share the reports of day’s events and activities. Lady Laurentia reported that the day’s

Thrown weapons tourney was won by Lord Kuma,

Arts and Sciences competition was won by Lady Umm Samin

Rapier tournament was won by Maestro Orlando in the morning fighting

Rapier longsword tournament was won by Lord Dromund

THLord Tegrinus was the winner of the rattan tournament

The autocrat then thanked her staff, Their Majesties, and all who attended the event this day.” – — Lord Orlando, Chronicler

An email from Their Majesties:

“Unto the Kingdom do Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina, Send Greetings. We were so very happy to spend this weekend within Our glorious Shire of Sylvan Glen. The Siege of Glengary was superbly organized by Lady Laurentia Caledonia, and We had the opportunity to see and participate in numerous arts that were new to Us. We especially thank those gentles who allowed the AEthelings and the Princess Royale to be involved.”
Our royalty Liaison, Ursula of Rouen, made sure that We were well cared-for throughout the day. A vegetarian lunch was made just for Us (under the supervision of Mistress Alfrun Ketta and her husband), and We are still munching on the leftovers today. The feast by Lady Arianna del Vallone and her staff was amazing, as every meat dish had a delicious vegetarian counterpart for Us.
The site was marvelous, the weather was beautiful, and everyone seemed relaxed. And We were pleased to host so many of Our good friends from the neighboring Kingdom of Atlantia. Borders mean nothing to our SCA friendships.

In service,
Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina

**Shire Day in the Park, August 21, 2016**

There were 10 people playing games with Lady Reina. Lord Grimolfr was hilarious playing six different games against 6 different people at the same time!  Well Done!

There were martial arts practices, including the youth of the Shire.  These kids knew how to fight, and how to play!

On a more serious side, Lady Laurentia held a Siege of Glengary planning meeting with much participation form shire members. Of course, there was great food was provided by Lady Reina and Lady Hrefna.

**Shire Day in the Park, July 17, 2016**

It was a great day in the park with all the regulars and a few new faces!  Lady Electra gave a class in making “garlic baskets” and several lovely baskets were completed. There was some fighter practices followed by  a cookout complete with burgers and dogs.  Youth figer practice was held as well, with several kids trying it out.

IMG_0745 (2) IMG_0744 (2) IMG_0743 (2)

  IMG_0738 FullSizeRender (67)

 413fd4d8-4e60-4bc9-91b6-eaa763ffd045    FullSizeRender (68)    IMG_0739

**SCA 50th Anniversary**

Good blog post on the 50 anniversary celebrations

SCA Welcome Home video

**North Berkeley Library Demo – Sat. May, 28, 2016**

The Demo was a great success.  Besides showing off our Arts & Sciences, and combat skills there was a lot of interaction for our visitors.  Lady Bera showed the kids how to card wool and spin it into yarn.

IMG_6837        IMG_6786

Baron Fergus (visiting from Highland Foorde) let the children try on various bits of chain mail, and then explained how to make chain mail.  Several of the kids tried their hands making some rings themselves.

13310404_10153633174166716_1845225507847539114_n 13312671_10153633173996716_8467207703800399316_nIMG_6797 IMG_6828

The children had many projects to try – from having their name written in calligraphy, to making their own swords and shields, all under the guidance of Lady Hrefna.

13266133_10153633166801716_6289529281568946673_n       13307427_10153633167511716_6066554422281630978_n 13335789_10153633166946716_4275559694916191872_n

On the combat side of things three Marshalls, Lord Grimolf (Thrown weapons), Lord Orlando (rapier), and Lord Snaebjorne (heavy weapons) gave our visitors the opportunity to try a few medieval weapons.

13310483_10153633167341716_482111810300951393_n   IMG_6819

FullSizeRender (54)

There was an extensive array of exhibits in the Arts $ Silences tent, from weapons and armor to clothing to Illuminations and cooking displays.

13321864_10153633171371716_2279525597945825188_n 13325541_10153633174331716_8262627725198632886_n FullSizeRender (55) IMG_6716 IMG_6719 IMG_6732

Basket Weaving Class taught by Sarah Bruington Tawzer-Hegenbart and a bit of fighter practice on a beautiful Saturday  at the Poor House Park  –  April 23, 2016